3P Foundation provided cows for the people of Patikul, Sulu

The Cow Dispersal Project is a joint effort between the 3rd Marine Brigade and the 3P Foundation, USA in cooperation with the Municipal Mayor and the Municipal Agriculture Officer of the Municipality of Patikul.

Barangay Maligay and Darayan are impoverished barangays in the Municipality of Patikul that were affected by the conflict between the government troops and the ASG/JI in the year 2009. Hundreds of civilians were displaced and perished. Since then, the people have hardly been able to recover and lead normal lives. Miswarats (consultation/dialogue) were conducted by this unit in order to determine the people’s needs and concerns not only with regards to their security but also their means of livelihood as well.

Sometime in 17 July 2009, The Commanding Officer 3MBDE conducted a Miswarat (consultation/dialogue) with the displaced persons from Brgy Maligay and Darayan all of Patikul, Sulu and convinced them to return to their respective barangays and places of origin. These miswarats’ objective was to regain the trust and confidence of the people, and deny the Abu Sayaf Group and Jemaah Islamiya their mass base and support system. It also helped organize the community, empower the masses and established peace and order on their own. Consequently, it is hoped that this will improve the living conditions of the local populace and rebuild their lives.

Hence, the 3rd Marine Brigade in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture thru the Municipal Agricultural Officer conducted a seminar on Farming Techniques and Animal Care.

The Commanding Officer of the 3rd Marine Brigade requested Mr. Andy de Rossi to support a livelihood program for the people of Patikul. Mr. Andy de Rossi is being the Chairman of the 3P Foundation USA offered to finance a cattle dispersal project with a roll over scheme for Patikul.

Last 30 July 2009, the Commanding Officer of 3rd Marine Brigade called for a meeting with the Civil Society Organization headed by Sali Ahalul, Hja Rogelyn M Schuck the Municipal Agricultural Officer or Patikul, Hja Nurmina Abubakar the Chairwoman Brgy of Darayan, Mr. Muin Ayyub the Organizer of Brgy Darayan, MR. Pula in connection with the proposed Cow Dispersal Project livelihood program. Right after the meeting, the Municipal Agricultural Officer submitted a proposal for the dispersal project.

From then on,several meetings were conducted in order for the project to become successful and sustainable. Those chosen as recipients of the project are poor farmers from Brgy Maligay and Darayan.

On February 2, 2010, Distribution of the cows to recipients of the Cow Dispersal Project at Brgy Anuling, Patikul, Sulu with the presence of Honorable Gov Abdusakur Tan, Hon Kabir Hayudini the Mayor or Patikul and witnessed by Rita Ricser the ambasador of Finland and Ruben Fidele the Ambasador of Italy.